Who We Are


Sheryl has been training dogs since 1998. She is a CCDT, APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers) and IACP Associate (International Associations of Canine Professionals), and a graduate of both CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, Masters Courses, and the Missing Animal Response Network, among others. She is a AKC S.TA.R. Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Advanced, and AKC Urban CGC Evaluator for the AKC and evaluates and tests dogs for therapy work. She works with animal shelters and a rescue groups, training dogs and teaching people how to be better trainers to increase successful adoptions. Sheryl is a rescue specialist and trains all breeds and ages. She offers numerous training specialties such as beginner to advanced and E-collar training. She is committed to providing the most effective, convenient solutions to her clients’ dog training needs. In addition, she avidly pursues ongoing continuing education and professional development. Sheryl puts clients first and is well respected and referred to by veterinarians. When not helping clients to enjoy easier lives with their canine companions, she is with family, volunteering her time, rescuing dogs, or assisting pet owners in search of lost dogs.

Unmatched Customer Service

Our goal is to make both the dog and human client ecstatically happy. We do this with great communication, processes, and training. We answer and return your phone calls and emails. We also make it easy to schedule training sessions. We are always here when you need us.


Because each dog has its own personality and learning style, we accept them for who they are. We also accept that each dog will learn at their own pace.

Therefore, we take each dog from where they are to the place their owner wants them to be by implementing an individualized training plan. We assess each dog and map a plan designed for success as determined by their owner and their individual personality.


We take care to implement a balanced training program that is destined to achieve desired results. We also take care to handle each dog in the most professional and ethical manner possible.

We treat each dog with respect and accept that each dog is different and their needs vary. We are committed to handling each dog in the same loving and caring manner as their owner.

Genuine Love of Dogs

We adore our canine friends! We love seeing dogs’ lives improve because of training. We also love seeing owners’ lives improve because of their dog’s training. It never gets old.


We implement a balanced training program that is destined to achieve the desired results. We also take care to achieve the goals set out at the beginning of the engagement.

By working with the dog owner to develop an actionable plan for training that is based on the needs of the owner and the learning and behavioral style of the dog, we are able to fulfill the expectations of the owner and achieve desired results.


The combined efforts of The Obedient Dog trainers and the dog owner are what makes the training work. We work with dog owners to achieve the goals you have for your dog. Working as a team will help you and your dog so acheive long-lasting results.


With a balanced approach toward training, we know that no two dogs are alike. We also understand that, like children, every dog has their own behavioral style and needs. We get to know each dog in front of us, tailoring our instruction to the needs of the dog owner and the learning capacity of the dog. We do not push dogs beyond their threshold. We take them from where they are to the place the dog owner would like their dog to be, and at a pace that is best for the dog. This approach is not only best for the dog, but it also achieves long-lasting results

Revolutionizing the quality of life with happy, obedient, and confident dogs.

With this mission in-mind, we customize our training approach to meet with our customer's personality as well as what will result in the best possible training experience for both dog and owner. We pride ourselves on being able to maintain a happy and relaxed attitude in our dogs.


Free phone consultations!

We offer private lessons in your home, day training, virtual lessons, and phone consultations.

We work with every type of dog coming from every background imaginable, and this certainly includes rescue dogs. We absolutely love rehabilitating dogs, whose backgrounds may be completely unknown, so that they can become part of a loving family. Dogs are truly resilient. Most of their problems can be resolved once they have some structure, obedience, and compassionate attention.

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