Board and Train

This 14-day program teaches Obedience and will modify Behavior. This customized training can be tailored to the needs of the dog and owner. Your dog will live with the trainer and we will do the work for you! You will receive a daily photo and video showing your dog's progress. Upon completion, you will receive 2, one hour sessions so that we can train you how to maintain your dog's obedience at home.

Free phone consultations!

We offer private lessons in your home, day training, virtual lessons, and phone consultations.

We work with every type of dog coming from every background imaginable, and this certainly includes rescue dogs. We absolutely love rehabilitating dogs, whose backgrounds may be completely unknown, so that they can become part of a loving family. Dogs are truly resilient. Most of their problems can be resolved once they have some structure, obedience, and compassionate attention.

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